Friday, March 28, 2014

# Home Remedy for Baby (Flu)

For baby less than 6 months usually, I will try my best to avoid any medication from hospital or clinic since my baby still exclusively breastfeeding. I did some traditional and modern home remedy and both alhamdulillah works very well with Sarah.
At first, I tried grating fresh turmeric / kunyit hidup and mix with a few drop of water and put it on the nose and forehead. But i think mybe my techniques isn't right so nothing happen to Sarah. the flu still worst.

Then I tried using the sterimar, spray it in the nosetril and sucked the mucus using the equipment show in the picture. huhu.. i dont know the name.. but you can buy it at the pharmacy. Alhamdulillah.. it works. Try it yourself, InsyaAllah the flu will go away and the baby will get better.

Sarah nose is yellow mellow because of the kunyit.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

#Playgroup Session: Didikan sakura

Didikan Sakura is a playgroup which is highly influence by Japanese style of early childhood care. The founder are teacher Naza and teacher Yang who are very creative and friendly. I have been there for couple of time and I highly recommended this place for the first timer parents who are planning to join any playgroup.

The very first time I joined it is actually during my confinement day, I sneak-out on my 35th days if I am not mistaken.. huhu.. just to bring my sons to have some activity since my hubby never bring them out, so I think i need to curi2 keluar jugak. huhuhu... On that time their theme is FISH! Hudd loves fish soo much. So it was good experience for him. 

We make a fish out from the paper plate and we did sing a song of fish and the story telling is about Nemo and his father. Rayyan on that time did not well. He got a high fever but still he insist whats to follow and end up crying at the end of the session. humm... Rayyan.

Second time, we went there and the theme is FLOWER! Oh no.. my boys not really showed their interest to this session at first. I am quite worried on that time because Rayyan even said " Ini girl thing. Boy mana ade suka flower" ohhh my.... ahahhaha.. But when the art class begin .. terus seronok tak hingat.

 For the art session, they provide us with edible paint which made of flour, salt and coloring. Since it was Spring season and the Sakura is blooming in Japan, we did the Sakura stamping. Using the empty plastic bottle, the bottom of the bottle will make the shape of the flower. It was nice and fun.

Tada.. here are the result.. Hudd's artwork is the bottom. heheheh.. I am very proud of their artwork.
For those who interested to join the playgroup you are welcome to try it yourself. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

# Playgroup session: Alim Kids

Hudd with Ibu. Ibu masih dlm pantang, curi2 keluar
 Alim kids playgroup is a playgroup that is open for children age from 2-4 years. Rayyan once join this playgroup last time at the beginning year of his school session. But doesn't fit Rayyan because he didn't want to participate at all. Since Rayyan have a problem jugak utk pergi school dia, i dont want to force him to go this playgroup which is on Saturday plak. Dah la tanak pegi sekolah yang Mon-Fri. Ini nak suruh pegi school on Sat plak kan? Dah kenapa Ibu ni nak suruh pegi sekolah aje.

Hudd takes turn to pick stationary from teacher
So this year, I bring along Hudd to join the session. But it seems like enjoy to be there but he will make sure I am besides him. heheh.. cemana ni? Macam sama penyakit dengan abang aje.. But he just 2 ++ years old. So i consider as dia kecik lagi la kot. And Hudd never went to any nursery since we have bibik at home. So maybe dia tak biasa la..

 But actually dia okla.. dia nak participate and he likes to admit that he has his own teacher. Yela.. abg balik dr school cakap2 ngan dia.. " Teacher abang cakap, bla bla bla" "Teacher abng suruh bal bla bla". But Hudd tadak teacher. So when he join to this kind of activity, he loves it and he keep saying that " Tadi teacher Hudd nyanyi lagu bla bla bla". heheh now he has his own teacher.

Hudd concentrating on his coloring
Only one problem that I face if I want to Hudd to join the activity is, I have to stick to this schedule. Which i need to free myself on every Saturday because Alimkids playgroup is based on module. If he missed 1 session, rugila.. and I cannot promise to free myself every single week sbb dah ade Sarah ni. So susah sikit. So that's why, I said to the owner of Alimkids I may send Hudd nex year.. masa tu Hudd going to be 4 years old and Sarah dah 1 year old. ok sket la.

I really enjoy the session cuz the syllabus they used is an islamic module. All the song, the exercise, the story telling and any example that they used is more on islamic side. So it is good introduction session for the small ones.

Usually this group only can accomodate about 10 children per session. Smaller group lebih baik dan lebih ukhwah gitu. hehheh..
Rayyan pun sibuk nak join jugak
 So for now, Hudd not joining this playgroup for this time being because of the module style which I cannot promise my little one to send him every week. So Ibu will find any other playgroup yg tak guna module. dan we can join anytime that we are free. so tak la terikat.

Final product of their artwork.

 So for those who interested here is the link:

Saturday, March 8, 2014

# FEB 2014: Our 5th Anniversary : Pullman Putrajaya

Flower on the bed

 28/2/2014  was our 5th anniversary . Alhamdulillah, we passed & survive the most challenging 5 years together with great memorable time. with all the up side down, we gain more respect with each other and developed more love among us. hehehheh... Baru sempat nak menulis tentang anniversary ni arini. Almost a month dah berlalu.

 For this time.. we celebrate it with special celebration. Sbb dah 5 tahun kan.. so kita buat special sket. But all the preparation sebenarnya ibu yg prepare.. papa kan bz.. heheh.. 
 Kali ni ibu prepare beberapa hadiah: wallet (sebab papa punya wallet dah buruk sgt..heheh), biskut 3 jenis, dan ibu booking hotel (spa& rejuvenate package) kat Pullman. Seronok... weeeee....

Bilik dia ade flower arrangement atas katil, and flower in the bath tub which is very surprising and make my heart flowery... heheh

Hand made Chocolate

Bathtub with flower

Rayyan, Hudd and Sarah ibu bawak later lepas ibu n papa dinner at The Village. But the food was horrible and it doesn't suit the price at all. We paid the bills with all the sumpah seranah dalam hati. takpela.. tapi will not repeat dine in at this restaurant

sarah pun ade join jugak.. weee

papa and ibu
Overall the celebration for our anniversary goes  well as planned. Love u papa. and here is the verdict for the hotel

Pullman Putrajaya hotel:
Rooms: 5/5
Ambiance:  5/5
Service: 4/5
Suitable for: honeymoon, babymoon, anniversary

The village Restaurant:
Food: 1/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 2/5

Monday, March 3, 2014

#2014: New Year, New Baby

Assalamualaikum... dah lama ibu tak menulis dalam blog. Berabuk-rabuk blog ibu ni. Last post is on year 2012? Biar betul? hehehe... Azam tahun baru ni... nak tulis balik blog la.. Harap berpanjangan la hendaknya ni.. hehehe...

Banyak benda yg berlaku sepanjang 2 tahun yang tak tulis blog ni. But how can i compile everything in a single post? hheeh.. Nampaknya kene simplify it jugak la. Kalo tak lama2 lagi ibu pun lupa jugak..

Humm well.. Kita cerita tentang setiap org la.. ok tak macam tu?

1. Rayyan
Anak sulung ibu dah start skolah since 4 years old at Genius Aulad, BBBangi. During 4 years old your class name is 4 Al-Biruni. Your class teacher is teacher Nazirah. This year, you change class cuz now you are 5 years old. Your class name is 5 Zheng He and your class teacher is teacher Jannah. Last year, Rayyan was performing the song called "Islam is the way of life". Your the smallest child standing on the pentas. hehheheh.. but I am so proud of you. You did finish your school for year 2013.
Well know, about yourself plak... Humm.. Rayyan. You are very gentleman as abang sulung tau, Always beralah dengan Hudd. Rayyan likes cooking and tasting food same like ibu and sangat cerewet tentang barang2 kepunyaannya. You love Ironman, Batman, Ultraman.. semua superhero la.. And for your 4th birthday, I bought to you ironman cupcakes. do you remember that time?

2. Hudd
Anak kedua Ibu ni tahun ni dah masuk 3 years old. Tapi still manja dengan ibu.. walaupun ganazzz. Hudd suka ikut apa saja yg abang Rayyan buat. Apa saja yg abang Rayyan main, dia akan rampas dan main atau hancurkan. Mmg kuat betul dengkinya dgn abg Rayyan. Tapi cuba la kalo abang tu pegi skolah.. dia akan mati kutu.. dan tido. Ibu try to send you to playschool tapi rupanya bila dgn org ain Hudd ni pemalu. Dia hanya buli abg dia aje.hehehehhee... hudd.. hudd..
Tapi hudd ni pun cerewet jugak. ahahha.. sama mcm ibu n papa jugak. tapi nak layan dia punya cerewet lagi la pening.. Selalu kene pulas telinga dgn ibu but he will act like nothing happen, nothing wrong. Geram jugak kadang2.

3. Sarah
I delivered the newborn Sarah Mishael on 13/12/13 in the morning at Az-Zahrah Hospital. It was a normal delivery but with the help of vaccum sbb kepala baby senget sket. But that was the toughest time that i ever experience. Hanya padaMu Ya Allah aku berserah. Sebab the pushing process sahaja dah amik masa 1 hour sbb kepala yg senget itu.. dah kuar kepala..bahu plak senget.. kene push lagi.  dan ibu tak amik ape2 medication ke, bius ke, gas ke, epidural ke.. semuanya naturally. Tapi sumpah sakit. But alhamdulillah, baby was safe and cute.
By now, sarah already 2 months old, dan sgt gemuk. hehhehhh. thanks to susu ibu yang sedap giler.
Thats all as an intro to the new version after bercuti dr memblog. heheheh..