Saturday, March 8, 2014

# FEB 2014: Our 5th Anniversary : Pullman Putrajaya

Flower on the bed

 28/2/2014  was our 5th anniversary . Alhamdulillah, we passed & survive the most challenging 5 years together with great memorable time. with all the up side down, we gain more respect with each other and developed more love among us. hehehheh... Baru sempat nak menulis tentang anniversary ni arini. Almost a month dah berlalu.

 For this time.. we celebrate it with special celebration. Sbb dah 5 tahun kan.. so kita buat special sket. But all the preparation sebenarnya ibu yg prepare.. papa kan bz.. heheh.. 
 Kali ni ibu prepare beberapa hadiah: wallet (sebab papa punya wallet dah buruk sgt..heheh), biskut 3 jenis, dan ibu booking hotel (spa& rejuvenate package) kat Pullman. Seronok... weeeee....

Bilik dia ade flower arrangement atas katil, and flower in the bath tub which is very surprising and make my heart flowery... heheh

Hand made Chocolate

Bathtub with flower

Rayyan, Hudd and Sarah ibu bawak later lepas ibu n papa dinner at The Village. But the food was horrible and it doesn't suit the price at all. We paid the bills with all the sumpah seranah dalam hati. takpela.. tapi will not repeat dine in at this restaurant

sarah pun ade join jugak.. weee

papa and ibu
Overall the celebration for our anniversary goes  well as planned. Love u papa. and here is the verdict for the hotel

Pullman Putrajaya hotel:
Rooms: 5/5
Ambiance:  5/5
Service: 4/5
Suitable for: honeymoon, babymoon, anniversary

The village Restaurant:
Food: 1/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 2/5

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