Monday, March 10, 2014

# Playgroup session: Alim Kids

Hudd with Ibu. Ibu masih dlm pantang, curi2 keluar
 Alim kids playgroup is a playgroup that is open for children age from 2-4 years. Rayyan once join this playgroup last time at the beginning year of his school session. But doesn't fit Rayyan because he didn't want to participate at all. Since Rayyan have a problem jugak utk pergi school dia, i dont want to force him to go this playgroup which is on Saturday plak. Dah la tanak pegi sekolah yang Mon-Fri. Ini nak suruh pegi school on Sat plak kan? Dah kenapa Ibu ni nak suruh pegi sekolah aje.

Hudd takes turn to pick stationary from teacher
So this year, I bring along Hudd to join the session. But it seems like enjoy to be there but he will make sure I am besides him. heheh.. cemana ni? Macam sama penyakit dengan abang aje.. But he just 2 ++ years old. So i consider as dia kecik lagi la kot. And Hudd never went to any nursery since we have bibik at home. So maybe dia tak biasa la..

 But actually dia okla.. dia nak participate and he likes to admit that he has his own teacher. Yela.. abg balik dr school cakap2 ngan dia.. " Teacher abang cakap, bla bla bla" "Teacher abng suruh bal bla bla". But Hudd tadak teacher. So when he join to this kind of activity, he loves it and he keep saying that " Tadi teacher Hudd nyanyi lagu bla bla bla". heheh now he has his own teacher.

Hudd concentrating on his coloring
Only one problem that I face if I want to Hudd to join the activity is, I have to stick to this schedule. Which i need to free myself on every Saturday because Alimkids playgroup is based on module. If he missed 1 session, rugila.. and I cannot promise to free myself every single week sbb dah ade Sarah ni. So susah sikit. So that's why, I said to the owner of Alimkids I may send Hudd nex year.. masa tu Hudd going to be 4 years old and Sarah dah 1 year old. ok sket la.

I really enjoy the session cuz the syllabus they used is an islamic module. All the song, the exercise, the story telling and any example that they used is more on islamic side. So it is good introduction session for the small ones.

Usually this group only can accomodate about 10 children per session. Smaller group lebih baik dan lebih ukhwah gitu. hehheh..
Rayyan pun sibuk nak join jugak
 So for now, Hudd not joining this playgroup for this time being because of the module style which I cannot promise my little one to send him every week. So Ibu will find any other playgroup yg tak guna module. dan we can join anytime that we are free. so tak la terikat.

Final product of their artwork.

 So for those who interested here is the link:

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