Sunday, March 23, 2014

#Playgroup Session: Didikan sakura

Didikan Sakura is a playgroup which is highly influence by Japanese style of early childhood care. The founder are teacher Naza and teacher Yang who are very creative and friendly. I have been there for couple of time and I highly recommended this place for the first timer parents who are planning to join any playgroup.

The very first time I joined it is actually during my confinement day, I sneak-out on my 35th days if I am not mistaken.. huhu.. just to bring my sons to have some activity since my hubby never bring them out, so I think i need to curi2 keluar jugak. huhuhu... On that time their theme is FISH! Hudd loves fish soo much. So it was good experience for him. 

We make a fish out from the paper plate and we did sing a song of fish and the story telling is about Nemo and his father. Rayyan on that time did not well. He got a high fever but still he insist whats to follow and end up crying at the end of the session. humm... Rayyan.

Second time, we went there and the theme is FLOWER! Oh no.. my boys not really showed their interest to this session at first. I am quite worried on that time because Rayyan even said " Ini girl thing. Boy mana ade suka flower" ohhh my.... ahahhaha.. But when the art class begin .. terus seronok tak hingat.

 For the art session, they provide us with edible paint which made of flour, salt and coloring. Since it was Spring season and the Sakura is blooming in Japan, we did the Sakura stamping. Using the empty plastic bottle, the bottom of the bottle will make the shape of the flower. It was nice and fun.

Tada.. here are the result.. Hudd's artwork is the bottom. heheheh.. I am very proud of their artwork.
For those who interested to join the playgroup you are welcome to try it yourself. 

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