Friday, March 28, 2014

# Home Remedy for Baby (Flu)

For baby less than 6 months usually, I will try my best to avoid any medication from hospital or clinic since my baby still exclusively breastfeeding. I did some traditional and modern home remedy and both alhamdulillah works very well with Sarah.
At first, I tried grating fresh turmeric / kunyit hidup and mix with a few drop of water and put it on the nose and forehead. But i think mybe my techniques isn't right so nothing happen to Sarah. the flu still worst.

Then I tried using the sterimar, spray it in the nosetril and sucked the mucus using the equipment show in the picture. huhu.. i dont know the name.. but you can buy it at the pharmacy. Alhamdulillah.. it works. Try it yourself, InsyaAllah the flu will go away and the baby will get better.

Sarah nose is yellow mellow because of the kunyit.

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