Monday, June 11, 2012

#4 Rayyan naik train...

Ibu planned with Wan Teh nak bawak Rayyan naik tren for the second time. First time, naik train Ibu & papa bawak pegi KLCC. But during that time, maybe Rayyan too small to understand and feels the experience. So that time, you cried a lot and not enjoying the moment at all. Tak best!!!

So semalam, Ibu bawak Rayyan naik from Taman Melati to Setiawangsa and Setiawangsa to back to taman Melati. heheheh... Tak pegi jalan mana2 pun, just naik train saje. Takut Rayyan nangis lagi rugi je.

But, kali ni Rayyan was too excited!! Ibu happy sgt, and took a lot of video. Rayyan felt amazed with all the big stuff around you. " big nye train ni bu...." "woooooowww.... traiin!!' ahahahaa.. Rayyan you are so funny. Love you.

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